Counterstrike – LAN Party

In the distant past (2001-2003?), we would host LAN parties at our work. We would mostly play a game called Counter-Strike. If that sounds familiar, watch this video for a stroll down memory lane.

It was always a lot of fun, and most people enjoyed it. At the time, we could get 20 people in a game at the same time. That was pretty crazy.

For me, the PC is a better way to play a game. I know I should get comfortable with a controller, but it just never seemed as easy as a keyboard mouse. (That probably depends on the game, and whatever you started out with).

Anyway, we have toyed with the idea of finding some old computers and having a LAN party. I have been watching MicroCenter for a “batch” of all the same computers that would be decent enough to run CS. This Christmas, I finally took the plunge and purchased 6 identical systems. We wanted all of them to be the same, so nobody had any unfair hardware advantages.

It has been a ton of fun. It turns out that it happened to coincide with a Steam Winter Sale and we purchased the game for .99

Here are some pics




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Two and a half years… What the heck?

I have had things “queued up” that I wanted to post, but I kept neglecting to do it. Luke will be 9 in January! Some things just move so quickly. It is getting near that time of year where people make commitments about what they hope to do differently in the future. 🙂

Well, I hope to get a little better at picking up my task of documenting this journey we are on with the boys.

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Luke – my little “Bob Ross”

Since Netflix has Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere, Luke has been very interested in painting.

If you have ever seen Bob, you know how much he likes to clean his brushes. Luke wanted to show me that he can do the same thing.

Here is Luke’s signed creation.

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Luke found my window :-)

Luke is hiding from mom as they work on the yard, and he found my window behind the bushes.

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Luke the typist

Luke was watching me type and decided it was time he learn. He seems to be a little faster than I am.

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The boys at the drive-in

Instead of watching the 130′ drive-in screen…
the boys are each on their 7″ Display, Fire Kids Edition Tablet, (with the Kid-Proof Case)


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Luke – the Pyro

Sparklers can be so boring. We found some on a shelf from last July and figured it might be fun to light a few at once. Here are a couple videos of us trying a few things. The first day we found out that we actually have a smoke detector in the shop. It reminds of an earlier video where Luke is learning from his mom

Watch those fingers…

For our second day videos, I did remove the battery from the smoke detector while we were experimenting.

On this last one, he wanted to light it. Since we are using matches and it takes a moment to light these old sparklers, I put his match in a vise grip so he would have a “handle”.

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Luke – Mother’s Day

Luke brought this home from school

Here is a bigger version of the text area. I am not sure about some of the answers, but it is good that Luke thinks Tammy is only 24.

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Luke the bowler

He is a little hard to to hear in this first video when Tammy asks what he is making. I heard “so I can knock them down…”

It took another attempt to actually knock them down.

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Luke the dancer

Hannah noticed Luke dancing, so she shot this quick video. You can see the concern look on Millie’s face. He tripped over her in a few minutes earlier.

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