Luke likes to play hide and seek

He is a little easier to find than Waldo.

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Luke’s Idea wall for the treehouse

We started Luke’s idea board for the Treehouse. You can read the full post here.


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Luke – just being Luke

Tammy sent this to me and asked, “What could go wrong?”


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Luke – Having fun looking for his toothbrush

This little boy sure can giggle 🙂

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Luke the Friendly

I was cleaning up my desk and found this note Luke’s teacher sent home earlier this year. It is just so Luke, I had to post it.

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Luke – the climber

The weather was beautiful today. Luke put on his slippers and followed me outside. I told him he couldn’t go in the grass in his slippers. He disappeared back in the house for a few seconds and reappeared in his cowboy boots. Then, he ran to the tree and started climbing.

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Luke -“Best wishes” from a friend

Everybody has an “autocorrect” story. This is ours. It is a little dated now, but I just found it and wanted to get it posted.


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Luke the Saver

Luke recently received a 10.00 Meijer gift card from his grandmother. Tammy pulled up the Meijer website on her computer to show him the toys. The first thing on the page was Jenga. He saw that and immediately knew what he wanted. She tried to get him to look at other things, but he was done. The rest of the evening and a good part of the next day was, “When can we go get Jenga?”. Even when Tammy took him to the store, she thought he would see the other toys and change his mind. He was determined and they left with Jenga.

Luke still had two dollars from his birthday. He already knew what he wanted next (Frank from Cars). He was ready to take his 2.00, go back to the store and buy Frank (25.00 toy). I really want him to learn some concept of money at this age, which could make life so much better down the road.

So, I printed a “grid” with a countdown to help him save money. We had dome something like this on my whiteboard the Friday after Thanksgiving when Luke came into my office thinking it was Christmas. He had been told that Christmas comes after Thanksgiving, so on that Friday he figured it was Christmas. I drew the following grid on my whiteboard to try and help him understand how many days it would be until Christmas. He would remind me every day that we needed to cross out a day.

So, anyway, that gave me the idea for another grid to help him count down to his new toy. We printed out a picture of Frank, and pinned it above the grid. I then printed some labels to show how much he has saved. The plan is that when he “earns” a dollar, he will bring it to Tammy or me. We will put his dollar in his envelope and give him a sticker. He will then place that on the next square. So far, his excitement has been off the chart! He started hounding me as soon as I walked in the door asking how he could earn money.

Here is a better picture of Luke and Oliver’s goals

In a future version of the grid, I plan to build in a Giving square and a “Save” or “Pay Yourself First” square into each row of 10 squares. I did not want to overwhelm him on this first version, just keeping with the baby steps for now.

UPDATE: The above post was Saturday. It is now early Sunday morning and Luke just came downstairs and found me. When I asked him what we were going to do today, he said: “We are going to make dollars”. 🙂

UPDATE 2: 2/26/2016 (20 days) The boy reached his goal!

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Luke the Medic

I had a little fight with the fence while I was stacking the firewood. It had happened earlier in the day, but as I was sitting down to watch something, Luke saw my arm and ran to find a Band-Aid. He fixed me right up… He doesn’t really grasp yet that the sticky part doesn’t feel great on the wound. 🙂



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Luke – just working it out in the shop…

Sometimes you just need to do a little hammering… I like the intensity on his face.

Here is another fun day

Learning how to “repair” computers.


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