Counterstrike – LAN Party

In the distant past (2001-2003?), we would host LAN parties at our work. We would mostly play a game called Counter-Strike. If that sounds familiar, watch this video for a stroll down memory lane.

It was always a lot of fun, and most people enjoyed it. At the time, we could get 20 people in a game at the same time. That was pretty crazy.

For me, the PC is a better way to play a game. I know I should get comfortable with a controller, but it just never seemed as easy as a keyboard mouse. (That probably depends on the game, and whatever you started out with).

Anyway, we have toyed with the idea of finding some old computers and having a LAN party. I have been watching MicroCenter for a “batch” of all the same computers that would be decent enough to run CS. This Christmas, I finally took the plunge and purchased 6 identical systems. We wanted all of them to be the same, so nobody had any unfair hardware advantages.

It has been a ton of fun. It turns out that it happened to coincide with a Steam Winter Sale and we purchased the game for .99

Here are some pics




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