Lincoln Log Fun!

The box said ages 3 and up.  Luke just turned two.  Oh well, what do they know?

We purchased five different sets of Lincoln Logs.  We started out looking on eBay and bid on a few there.  One of the challenges is adding the cost of shipping.  To determine the fair price for a new set, we checked out Wal-Mart.  Sometimes the new ones on Wal-Mart are cheaper than the used ones on eBay.  The kicker is that Wal-Mart will ship to your local store for free.  That makes it pretty much a no brainer to just order them from Wal-Mart.

We pieced together five sets.  I thought that would give us a pretty good assortment to be able to build almost anything.  However, that is not really how it works out.   I think we only have about three of the “four-way” logs.  We have barely enough “three-way” logs to build a simple cabin.  However, we have a bunch of “two-way” logs and a ton of “one-way” logs.  In an effort to try to use as many of the logs we have to build something, we built the following structure.

While holding Luke up to inspect the tower, he found that he could drop things into the top and they would disappear.  This is him trying to figure out where they went.

As he is peering into the tower, he utters one of his popular sayings, “Where it go?”  This boy is such a joy to have in our home.

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