Cool Hand Luke

This video reminds me of a scene from the movie Cool Hand Luke where Luke has to move all the dirt out of the bosses hole in the ground.  After he gets most of the dirt out of the hole, another guard comes along and asks him why all this dirt is piled up and tells him he better get it back in the hole.  Then, the original guard comes back and asks him why he doesn’t have the dirt out of the hole and so it goes.

Seeing our Luke carry these rocks from one place to another just reminded me of that scene.  Anyway, look how much work it is for him to just get two rocks (one for each hand).  Then, he carries them to his wheelbarrow and starts all over again.  He didn’t think to move the wheelbarrow, but he is full of energy, so it didn’t matter.

Here is the completed work.  He did it all.

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