Luke the “wounded” (Stickers)

We had just finished watching Jingle All the Way with Luke and he was dancing to the music at the end. Dancing for Luke usually involves a lot of spinning around. He lost his balance and fell with his head hitting the corner of the coffee table. Tammy picked him up and immediately said, “We are going to the hospital”. We rushed out of the house to the hospital. We had planned to go to one near our house (which was one of the features we discussed when considering the house), but it was closed. Instead, we went to Dayton Children’s Hospital. If you ever have to take a child to a hospital, the children’s hospitals are the best. During the ensuing stitches that followed, a nice lady at the hospital held an iPad playing Curious George to try and calm him down.

Luke didn’t know what a Band-Aid was, so he called it a stickers. ¬†Every so often, he would grab his head and say “stickers”. ¬†Here is a picture of him with his “sticker” they put on to help numb the area before the stitches.

Here he is pointing to his “stickers”

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