Luke’s old room not cooling like it should…

Kayla is staying in the room where Luke and Oliver stayed in the past. It always did seem a little warmer than everything else, but I didn’t give it much thought. It is funny that one of the last texts Tammy has from Emily is talking about spending the night and how hot that room got.

At first, I just straightened a wire hanger and tried to see if I could hook anything. When that yielded some blocks, I was wondering what else might be in there. I carefully lowered my phone in the register and shot these pictures. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the toys were pretty far in there. We couldn’t reach them with the hanger and our arms. It took the big shop vac to suck the toys out.

LukeVent01    IMG_1356

Here is part of what we pulled out. The shop vac ate the rest. On a final note, Luke has been happy to have his train back. He is playing with it tonight.

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